3 bedroom Apartment in ARPINO

3 bedroom Apartment in ARPINO

3 bedroom Apartment in ARPINO

Arpino, Frosinone, 03033, Italien

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A short walk from one of the streets that most distinguishes the village and just a few minutes from the square of Arpino, a center of cultural meeting and daily life alive of the country traditions. Fascinating Apartment for Sale in the middle of the historic Arc Quarter, in the predominant and raised position. The property is located on the 3rd floor of a restored historic building and finished internally and externally and combines in the most beautiful way the use of marble, stone and wood with a modern design in furnishings and fixtures, which will take even greater thickness with the application of your good taste.A majestic gate accompanies you to the palace directly from Via Marco Agrippa, through very spacious and accommodating stairs, as well as strictly clean and in good condition.

To make your stay easy from the start you will have the opportunity to park your car in an exclusive and brand new garage in the immediate vicinity of the front door.Entering the apartment, which in its area covers the entire and top floor of the building we notice a very comfortable open plan that will allow us in several places and corners to place large prestigious furniture or long wooden tables, to immediately give a warmer and more familiar welcome.

Already from here, a beautiful view from the windows at man height, make the place sunny and predominant in the view of the roofs of the village as well as its beating heart, the square and Cicero. From this area we can choose whether to head into the double room of about 35 square meters with bathroom in suites, ceramic finishes and a design and paintings current but simple in the modifications and adaptability to your furniture. Proceeding in the north wing of the apartment we have another salon characterized by a height of about 4 m ideal for the creation of a loft or anyway, in its first level, a second kitchen. Hence a corridor that will connect us with the other two bedrooms of essential size for children or teens. The rooms are in feminine and masculine hue as made in mail for you and your loved ones.

Proceeding through the corridor we will have a lovely kitchen, clear and well-equipped excellently connected with an internal terrace that gives it greater livability. Each of the rooms provided with radiant aluminum elements working with boiler and use of methane gas.Entering even more of this fantastic apartment, a staircase adjacent to the wall of the central open space will take us to the upper level of the apartment consisting entirely of a breathtaking terrace.

The jewel in the crown of the property is the terrace, giving a 180-degree view, from the hills to the east to the square of Arpino, up to the horizon in the west. The terrace is also equipped with iron pergola, elegant and ideal to coat with vines of strawberry grapes or flowers and make it so romantic and close to your dream of home in Italy.

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3 bedroom Apartment in ARPINO

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