Appartamento S.Francesco

Appartamento S.Francesco

Appartamento S.Francesco

Arpino, Frosinone, 03033, Italien

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Apartment for sale in Via Giuseppe Cesari in Arpino of about 125 square meters with an excellent view through very livable balconies on Piazza San Francesco S.M.Bianchi. The balconies, ideal to adorn with vases and flowers as previously thought, evolve along the entire west side of the apartment and serve as a connection between its main rooms, ideal to be used as a living room with a kitchen with a corner and a first bedroom. Functional the remaining space where two additional rooms and an extra bathroom could develop.

In less recent times and still today, the location of the apartment is its flagship. It is located above the Bar Cicero, today magnificently connected with the youth life of the village and the serenity of the old town. Also located a short walk from the square of Arpino, increasingly in demand by tourists and locals in search of its wonders.

The apartment, located on the first floor of the building, is equipped with two cellars or equal to remittances: an interior, accessible from the stairwell, once local of artisan ice cream production; and a second exterior, accessible from the street floor. The steps to reach it reach an imposing wooden door, located in a graceful and romantic area, with arch and lantern to illuminate the entrance. Beyond its long balcony has a communal access on a terrace overlooking the square as well as the Arpinate wing overlooked by the Bourbon Castle Ladislao Ideal for a couple or a family that wants to live at the full centrality of the country and its events, the house waits only for you for a completely personal touch of modernization of its spaces, paintings and accessories. We will welcome your curiosity and interest.

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Appartamento S.Francesco

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