Casa Napoleone

Casa Napoleone

Casa Napoleone

Fontana Liri, Frosinone, Italien

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Casa Napoleone is a large and beautiful 270m2. house with breathtaking views in a quiet location in the countryside which is however a few minutes drive from the cities of Arpino, Fontana Liri and Isola del Liri.

The property, situated in 2,500 square meters of gardens, olive groves and woods, would be suitable both as a private house and as a B & B / small hotel. A private driveway runs through the olive groves of Casa Napoleone and crosses the house into a large open patio perfect for alfresco dining on warm Italian evenings.

Beyond the patio there are garden and lawn areas, a seating and relaxation area, a wonderful entertaining area with pizza oven and a fenced area for puppies. On one side, there is a large 5-room stone house, currently used only for storage, although it could be inhabited again and used as additional accommodation for guests or as a separate house of the owner / manager if the property were to be used. like a small hotel. Beyond that, the
property’s forest extends along the hill.

The ground floor of the main house benefits from two entrance halls. One, on the right, has the doors to the large double / triple garage and kitchen, as well as to the stairs to the rest of the house. The other entrance, on the left, opens onto the kitchen and onto a large bedroom on the ground floor and a bathroom. The garage covers the depth of the house and the back, behind the living room and the kitchen, providing ample space for
both cars and the laundry, work spaces, etc.

The spacious kitchen on the ground floor features a magnificent wood-burning fireplace and a large walk-in pantry. On the floor above, an entire side of the floor creates one large, bright room, with sitting and dining areas, another fireplace, a wraparound balcony with panoramic views of the garden and the valley and, on one side, another smaller kitchen area.

Also at this level there are four bedrooms (or as it is currently configured, three bedrooms and a study) and, currently, two bathrooms and a storeroom – this storeroom is however directly above the bathroom on the lower floor, and therefore could easily become a third bathroom, giving, if desired, three bedrooms with private bathrooms. There is an additional small balcony between the bedrooms, which overlooks the patio and the garden. The entrance gates of the property form the end of a public road with no exit, thus creating excellent access to the road while ensuring complete peace and privacy.

Three attractive but different cities, all with restaurants, cafes, shops and services are just a few minutes’ drive a way.

Arpino is a renowned, historic hill-top town – a pre-Roman settlement, an important Roman city, a fortified medieval fortress and then the very rich center of the Italian wool industry until the late 1800s.

The Isola del Liri is literally the island on the river Liri, formed where two rivers meet, to which the medieval center is accessed only by two bridges; twinned with New Orleans. the city hosts numerous festivals and has a sparkling nightlife with many small bars, cafes and restaurants.

Fontana Liri was a spa town and still has natural sulfur springs. And Rome and Naples and their respective international airports are just a 90 minute drive away.

Energy classification: G

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