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Casa Sonia is conveniently located just outside the charming and buzzy town of Isola del Liri, on the edge of the Liri river. It is a spacious and well designed house, with large independent lock-up garage, out-buildings and land.

Casa Sonia could conveniently be split into two apartments, each with independent street access, but to date it has been used as one home, with living area upstairs and the lower floor for entertaining and visiting family members.

The upper floor has a very large double room, with a sitting area at one end and a formal dining area at the other, in front of the large windows. The kitchen has a family dining area, a fireplace, and direct access to a terrace overlooking the grounds running down to the river. There are three large bedrooms, a good sized bathroom, and another room, currently unused, which would function well as a second bathroom.

The lower floor has the same layout. Unlike many modern buildings, the corridors are very wide, given the house a generous, airy feel.

There are large cellars, carefully designed with correct airflow for storing prosciutto, vegetable and fruit preserves, and homemade wine in the traditional manner.

The house is designed to face a large paved courtyard created by the lock-up garage, pizza oven and outbuildings, and has been fitted with high quality double windows at the back. The land bordering the road has a tall and thick mature hedge, and the land itself is extensive, running down to the river. Casa Sonia therefore manages to have both really excellent road access and nearby facilities, while the house itself and the garden remain quiet, tranquil and surrounded by green.

Large iron gates off a small dead-end side road allow entry to the paved courtyard, and to the lock-up garages. Here, there is also a pizza oven. Beyond this, you could at one time find the hen run (not currently in use), garden sheds and vegetable garden, and what was once probably a pigsty. Finally, there is a large field running down towards the river. This could be used for a really extensive garden, for a swimming pool, tennis courts etc…

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