Casa Vallefredda

Casa Vallefredda

Casa Vallefredda

Arpino, Frosinone, Lazio, 03033, Italien

For Sale


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Casa Vallefredda is a beautiful old stone house with wide panoramic views, situated in a small group of houses just minutes from the medieval town of Arpino, only 90 minutes from Rome. Vaulted stone ceilings and arches on the lower floor, wood-burning fireplaces, a terrace, a garden courtyard and a large terraced plot are among the most attractive features of this property.

The current layout of the house includes a kitchen, living room and bathroom on the ground floor, and three bedrooms upstairs, with a second small bathroom on the landing. There are two stone rooms on the lower level (one with an antique fireplace) that open onto a small internal garden.

Casa Vallefredda is technically habitable immediately after the installation of a new kitchen, but the house would benefit from some reorganisation and modernisation, changes that would add substantial value to the property. In addition there is the possibility of making full use of the two beautiful stone rooms downstairs and also the courtyard garden, which have not been used for several years.

An easy reorganisation of the rooms would move the kitchen into the stone-vaulted room directly below its current location, where it would open directly onto the half-covered/half-open part of the courtyard (which in turn has a beautiful view of the valley). This would be a wonderful place for outdoor dining, sunset drinks and dinners watching the lights of the valley below.

The other room on this lower level, also vaulted in stone, has an ancient stone fireplace, and could become an elegant dining room (there is a niche, cut into the rock, which could become a charming feature as a bar or decorative wine cellar).

The main floor could then be converted into a sitting room opening onto the large terrace, there would be a guest toilet and a study, all with beautiful panoramic views. This level would also have a storage room, with space to park a wasp (additional car parking space can be created on the accompanying plot).

The next level would have a full master bedroom suite – a large bedroom with an open fireplace, a dressing room and a bathroom; and two guest bedrooms would share an upstairs bathroom. In addition there would be a laundry room off the stairs.

Included in the deeds to Casa Vallefredda is a large plot of land sloping from the road down the hill. Although currently somewhat uncultivated, the land has been properly terraced and could become a lovely garden with olive groves. There is space to install a swimming pool on one of the terraces (subject to normal planning permissions).

An option for a purchaser of this potentially amazing house would be to have this house updated, fitted with a kitchen of the purchaser’s choice, additional and more modern bathrooms installed, redecorated etc, with a fixed turnkey price.

There is excellent road access, and a wide selection of shops, restaurants, cafes and amenities are just a short drive away.

Energy Classification: G



Arpino, of Saturnian origins, was an important fortified town of the Volsci, Samnites and Romans. This is testified by the imposing Cyclopean walls from which a pointed arch door, unique in Europe, opens. In 188 B.C. it obtained full Roman citizenship; the city expanded its territory, and with Caius Marius the ager Arpinas was enriched with possessions in Gaul. For centuries, since the early Middle Ages, it was the domain of numerous lords before finally becoming part of the Kingdom of Naples, after long disputes with the papacy. Until the unification of Italy it was flourishing for the wool industry. Among the churches is the church of San Michele Arcangelo (10th century), which houses works by Cavalier d’Arpino, of the Caravaggio School. The church of Santa Maria di Civita (10th century) houses the wooden statue of the Assumption (10th-11th century), particularly venerated by the people of Arpino.

The Monastery of St. Andrew the Apostle, one of the oldest Benedictine cloistered monasteries in the area, houses an ancient oil crucifix, under which a medieval example of a painted cross depicting Christ triumphant over death was found.

Ciociaria remains largely an unspoilt gem with beautiful landscapes and medieval hilltop villages. A home or second home in Ciociaria, whether in the hilltop towns of Arpino, Veroli, Alatri or the rolling countryside surrounding them, will offer you an environment where over two thousand years of history combine with an idyllic Italian rural lifestyle, where you can still discover the ‘real’ Italy and take time out from the crowds of the big cities.

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