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Completely renovated in 2008 to an exceptionally high standard, Villa Magna offers a cool, stylish take on modern living, while set in serene Italian countryside just outside the ancient hilltop town of Arpino, conveniently positioned for all the many amenities Arpino has to offer. Many of the elegant furnishings could also be available for sale by separate contract and many fittings are included.

While the house is currently presented as a classic two-level home, with common living space upstairs and bedrooms below, one of the lower floor bedrooms has been discreetly plumbed and wired so it may become a kitchen if desired, thus allowing the house to be changed very easily into two separate apartments. Both levels have independent entry doors and there is an attractive fireplace on each level. In total, there are three beautiful marble bathrooms and a powder room

Roman beige travertine floor tiles flow throughout the house. The semi-open plan design leads you effortlessly from room to room, each area having its own identity yet opening seamlessly into the next, creating a feel of light and space. Expansive bookshelves with recessed lighting give character to the large dining room, while an inbuilt decorated glass panel forms a stunning divide between the wide entrance hall and the sitting room. An elegant large fully-fitted modern kitchen, with granite bench tops and appliances wrapping around three walls, ensures that both entertaining and family dining are easy and enjoyable. The kitchen opens into the living and dining areas inside the house, and also accesses easily the various outside entertaining areas around the property. The lounge room leads on to the adjoining terrace via two sets of French doors. A “termocamino” log fireplace provides a focal point for the living area, while newly-installed gas central heating provides heating and hot water. Breathtaking views extend over the valley and beyond to the mountain range.

A wood-fired pizza oven in the garden completes the possibilities for hosting magnificent parties for extended family, friends and guests – or just relaxing for a quiet family dinner in the warmth of an Italian summer evening. The terraces are lit and attractively finished with flower beds, retaining walls and steps. There is a large wood store where garden equipment can also be stored and an even larger above-ground cellar.

The 2,800 garden, terraced down the hillside, is a lush and fertile paradise. Once owned by a professional gardener, this home is surrounded by mature trees, many fruit trees including cherry, fig, mandarin, lemon, peach and pear, as well as enough olive trees to harvest and make your own olive oil! There is ample space to put in an infinity swimming pool, positioned for a perfect view over the valley – due west for the evening sunset.

The fully-fenced property is accessed by a short private hard-surface drive with electric gates and a covered carport. Other houses can be glimpsed but are not intrusive, giving a private and secluded feel to the property without it being isolated.

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