CINELLI IMMOBILIARE was founded in 2018 by Francesco Cinelli and is a passionate real estate agency in the heart of Italy that also offers complete renovation services. Francesco Cinelli is a licensed real estate agent that offers reliable services throughout the buying and selling process. He and his team are English speaking and know all the best properties and locations in the beautiful
Ciociaria region.
The company has a bespoke “Super Service” for all clients, which means that CINELLI IMMOBILIARE takes care of all aspects of the buying and selling process as well as offering optimised marketing and a unique data base of properties, locations and clients.
For renovations projects CINELLI IMMOBILIARE delivers “turn-key projects” in co-operation with CINELLI CLAUDIO RESTAURATION where the client can feel comfortable that all aspects of renovations and restorations are carried out according to the agreed specifications.

“I love this beautiful and unique part of Italy and it gives me great pleasure to help those in search of a dream home in Italy to discover this authentic area and to find the best possible property for their budget and taste. This region offers great value for money” says Francesco Cinelli, founder and CEO of CINELLI IMMOBILIARE.