Cinelli Immobiliare offers a concept we call “Quick Home Solution”! We have a series of low-cost house in Arpino and Fontana Liri that are renovation projects and that can be made into your dream home in Italy.

This is a property of 100 sqm and 5 rooms that is immersed in the nature of the beautiful landscape of Ciociaro, just a few minutes drive from the center of the holy father and the municipal swimming pool of Solerosso. There is 1 ha of land surrounding the house and it costs only €25 000.

In Via Colle Carino we offer a semi-detached house that needs to be refurbished. It’s 85 sqm with amazing views of the valley and a little garden as well as 45 sqm cellar. The cost is €57 000.

In Fontana Liri on Via Starnella, in the middle of the land of Ciociaria, we offer this house for €53 000. The contact with nature is amazing and there are breathtaking views from the “aia” (the traditional old work space). It’s a two room detached house with a garage of 60 sqm together with 100 sqm of land.

Check them out on our For Sale page and contact us for more information!

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