6 bedroom House in ARPINO

6 bedroom House in ARPINO

6 bedroom House in ARPINO

Arpino, Frosinone, 03033, Italien

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A jump in the classic and historical taste of a charming structure in the heart of Arpino, composed of several levels, respectively: first floor and basement with charming cellar floor, inside a stately building. At the same time connection on the ground floor where a romantic garden leads into a rustic style outbuilding. The entrance from the door of the building leads into a beautiful corridor with floral space from which you can access the cellars of the property. Continuing up the stairs, you enter the main apartment. Antique materials, from floors to furniture will accompany you from the huge dining room to the kitchen, through a skylight that makes the area fully lit.

The arrangement of the bedrooms on the same level is very convenient: one closer to the entrance, designed as a room for potential guests; the others at the most exposed point of the building near the bathrooms. The very traditional kitchen has beautiful marble and wood elements, such as the central table where the family used to meet and the connection with the balconies, the stone staircase that leads to an introspective and unique garden, is even more characteristic. This fantastic area is ideal for relaxing, surrounded by greenery and protected by the stone of the surrounding walls, or using it as a recreational point or simply for dinner or breakfast in the open air.

In addition, this area is also connected to the road by a cobblestone and a discreet and pretty gate. From the immediate habitable structure, to the possible modernization of the cellars, huge spaces where time blends with the introspective charm of what was once a real wine production workshop. From the walls to the accessories that make up these rooms carved into the rock, you will have the opportunity to create a completely personal basement, a modern cellar, a tavern or a tasting room, but above all an integral part of your home.

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6 bedroom House in ARPINO

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