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226 mq


Casa Passiflora is named after the passionfruit vines growing beside the patio. It is an ancient stone house that has been extended and modernised.

A spacious 226 house, Casa Passiflora is located In a peaceful country setting, a few minutes from the medieval hilltop town of Arpino. The riverside towns of Isola del Liri and Sora are also nearby

The home is currently arranged with, on the ground floor, a living room (with open fireplace), opening onto a kitchen and a dining room, and a guest toilet (there is space is this room to add a shower); and two bedrooms (one with a balcony) and a bathroom on the upper floor.

A potentially better configuration would be to make the very large upstairs room, which is entered directly by the original main door of the property, into a spacious and elegant sitting room, with the master bedroom (with large balcony) and master bathroom also on that floor. The lower floor could then have a second bedroom and bathroom, and the kitchen and dining room opening onto the patio. (The kitchen is divided from the dining room only by a partition wall, so it would also be possible to recombine them into a very large eat-in kitchen.)

Or, because there are two entrances, one on each level, it would be possible to create a small rental apartment.

There is also a small cellar and a technical room. The utilities are available and the home has central heating with hot water radiators.

Casa Passiflora is set in over 3 hectares of sloping land with olive groves enjoying a beautiful vista into the far distance. There is a small vineyard beside the house and space for a swimming pool (subject to the usual planning consents).

At the far end of the land, there is a 90 stone building. It is for restoration, but has had connections to water and electricity, and there was a private road (now overgrown) running down to it. So it could readily be restored for family, guests or rental, or of course demolished to give further building consent.

The property comes with an antique horse-drawn carriage.

Shops, restaurants, cafés and services are only a few minutes drive. The property has excellent road access and the centre of Rome and Rome’s airports are less than a 90 minute drive.

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