Casa Caio Mario

Casa Caio Mario

Casa Caio Mario

Arpino, FR, Lazio, Italien

For Sale


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Casa Caio Mario is an very special property – an entire stone house on 6 levels, centuries old, in the neighborhood of the medieval Falconara. Four floors already restored but with the possibility of further simple renovations to make this house a real gem. There are 4 bedrooms (1 currently configured as a studio) and 3 bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen and several living areas, all with panoramic views over the valley. And more importantly, there is the large terraced garden of 60 square meters. with a wide view that opens onto the kitchen/dining room with a spectacular bright embankment that slopes upwards.

It is rare to find a complete house like this in the medieval quarter, houses that over the centuries have been most commonly divided into separate apartments. The Civita Falconara district of Arpino, where Casa Caio Mario is located, is very old, prior to the period and traces of the original volcanic settlement can still be seen in some of the oldest walls, although much of its current appearance dates back to the medieval period – it is easy to get lost in its maze of picturesque alleys and flights of stairs.

Casa Caio Mario, built in front of a charming little church, enjoys a splendid panoramic view over the valley and the historic center of Arpino, while being a few minutes walk from bars, shops, restaurants, etc.. in the valley. main square and along the Corso. There is a parking lot in the street near the church. The location of the property on the crescent that winds for about half of the outer edge of the area of Civita Falconara offers a excellent road access, even for those who are not used to travel along medieval roads, without being at all noisy. The road only climbs to a vantage point and therefore the only traffic is that of the neighbouring residents.

Casa Caio Mario is a beautiful old stone house, whose last four floors have been recently restored and have a total living area of 200 square meters. However, as mentioned above, there is the possibility of to carry out further renovation work on the two lower floors, which would make this house a real jewel. Because of the slope of the land, the property has five exterior doors on four different levels. The highest external door opens on the penultimate floor (“level 5”): here, a very short corridor leads into a large room with a window overlooking the garden, antique red, black and cream terracotta floors and ceiling in antique wood. This level has a very large bedroom with a beautiful view (currently configured as a studio), and a bathroom with a view of the garden. From the central room, a staircase leads to the top floor (“level 6”), also with ceilings in antique wood, currently consists of two rooms: a large bedroom for bed and a private bathroom (partially restored while waiting for the installation of some accessories), creating a splendid suite room/bathroom independent. There is also an attic area at half height with a view of the The valley, which (subject to authorisation) could be transformed into a roof terrace with wide views, making the top floor a beautiful master suite. Alternatively, if you need fewer bedrooms, would be a perfect studio/artist’s studio.

Going down instead of going up from the penultimate floor “level 5” described above, you arrive at “level 4” where there is a small room with a nice balcony overlooking the garden. On one side of this floor, there is another room for bed with valley view, and a modern bathroom. On the other side, there is another bedroom and, opening up and As the land is steeply sloping, there is a storage area for wine and services. There is a safe integrated into the wall. Below this is the “level 3”, the level of the large terrace garden. On this floor there is a living room with the same beautiful view of the valley and an open fireplace. The living room is separated from the kitchen/living room by a old stone arch. This floor opens directly onto the large terrace, with the embankment of the garden that runs to the street and forms a beautiful background. Both this level and the one above it have beautiful old wooden ceilings and traditional terracotta floors. These four levels are ready for immediate occupation with all utilities connected, including the central heating.

Adjacent to the magnificent terraced garden, more land covered with trees and bushes extends along the slope that dominates the valley. This land – or most of it as desired by the buyer of Casa Caio Mario – can be purchased with a separate contract. The stairs descend from the living room to another level (“level 2”), currently not restored. This level is consists of a room (under the living room on level 3) with a window overlooking the church and another door exterior (which opens onto a short flight of old stone steps in the private lane between this house and the church). It would also be possible, if desired, to make this door the main door of the building (such as could have been originally). On this floor there is an extremely large second room, which runs under the entire length and width of the terrace, from which it is illuminated by skylights. It also has windows on the lane. Here, there is the exciting opportunity to install a glass wall along much of the room, with a beautiful rock garden behind, created from the base of the garden embankment and illuminated by skylights already existing during the day and from spotlights at night. This room would be a spectacular extra-large lounge, a home cinema or entertainment area. These two levels are not restored, for a total of 300 square meters. of accommodation potential add-ons.

Another possibility that has been assessed for these two lower areas is to create an indoor pool, flanked by the rock wall, with access from the terrace above and the internal staircase. This would create a surprising feature that would greatly increase the value of the property. At the lowest level (“level 1”), there are large cellars, also with two doors on the lane. The lane itself is common to the house and the church, and is crossed by a wrought iron gate (whose keys are guarded by the and the church). This lane opens with a short dead end that branches off from the main road. and offers street parking. With excellent access to the property’s front door, it is only a 90-minute drive from both Rome and the Naples and Rome Fiumicino airport. Rome’s second airport, Ciampino, is just 60 minutes away from distance.

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