Arpino, Frosinone, Lazio, 03033, Italien

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An interesting property for Sale in Arpino, ready to be occupied with the possibility of improvements at the discretion of the buyer. It is a country property which embodies the concept of an Italian home, without giving up the warmth of the neighbourhood and easy accessibility. The property is located in the locality of “Panaccio”, just a few minutes’ drive from the centre of Arpino, a town of Saturnie origin and on the road to Fontana Liri, a town famous for being the birthplace of the famous actor Marcello Mastroianni.

The property consists of 3 floors for a total of 240 sqm with an adjoining olive grove of 616 ca., as well as a lovely cellar space connected to the road through two garages, so two possibilities of internal parking, and a shed / barn at the edge of the square surrounding the house.

The house has four bedrooms and two bathrooms, a kitchen with fireplace and a living room-entrance with panoramic views. Given its location, it is exceptional to be able to dine on the porch with a view of the Ladislao castle of Arpino or to sit admiring the green of the surrounding olive trees or the beautiful avogadro plant that borders the house.

The mansard could be a space to be designed according to one’s own ideas, an ideal refuge or additional living area. Currently independent of each other, the first and second floors could be reconnected by restoring an existing internal staircase.

With its balconies and terraces, the greenery and the garden that could be created among the olive trees, it is a house that encourages with spaces and views the spending of hours outdoors just a few minutes from the town centre.



Arpino, of Saturnian origins, was an important fortified town of the Volsci, Samnites and Romans. This is testified by the imposing Cyclopean walls from which a pointed arch door, unique in Europe, opens. In 188 B.C. it obtained full Roman citizenship; the city expanded its territory, and with Caius Marius the ager Arpinas was enriched with possessions in Gaul. For centuries, since the early Middle Ages, it was the domain of numerous lords before finally becoming part of the Kingdom of Naples, after long disputes with the papacy. Until the unification of Italy it was flourishing for the wool industry. Among the churches is the church of San Michele Arcangelo (10th century), which houses works by Cavalier d’Arpino, of the Caravaggio School. The church of Santa Maria di Civita (10th century) houses the wooden statue of the Assumption (10th-11th century), particularly venerated by the people of Arpino.

venerated by the people of Arpino. The Monastery of St. Andrew the Apostle, one of the oldest Benedictine cloistered monasteries in the area, houses an ancient oil crucifix, under which a medieval example of a painted cross depicting Christ triumphant over death was found.

Ciociaria is easily accessible from both Rome and Naples and their respective airports. A day’s shopping in Rome is a common pastime, while an even shorter journey takes you to the enchanting beaches south of Rome. Alternatively, drive east, and the mountains of the Abruzzo National Park await you with horseback treks through magnificent beech forests, and sparkling mountain lakes and rivers where you can bathe in the heat of summer. And at the other end of the temperature spectrum, although Arpino itself is temperate, it is less than an hour’s drive to the winter ski slopes.

Ciociaria remains largely an unspoilt gem with beautiful landscapes and medieval hilltop villages. A home or second home in Ciociaria, in the hilltop towns of Arpino, Veroli, Alatri or the rolling countryside surrounding them, will offer you an environment where over two thousand years of history are combined with an idyllic rural Italian lifestyle, where you can still discover the ‘real’ Italy and take time out from the crowds of the big tourist cities, while being less than ninety minutes drive from the centre of Rome or either of Rome’s two airports.

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