Castelliri, Frosinone, Italien

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For sale in Castelliri, excellent location well connected with the main roads, in particular the highway Sora-Ferentino SR214, while immersed in the pleasures of the earth, relaxation and greenery that this property offer.

The structure consists of a house on two floors, which can be customized with some external retouching, which immediately turns out to be habitable turnkey and your land together and two other buildings respectively of about 200sqm total. They have every feature actua to be used as open-space for the purpose of remittance or demolition and reconstruction for housing purposes, in this way it would be great to be able to design according to a new home so much space, in which case we could follow you in making the most of your ideas and possibilities by advising and following you step by step with our technicians and builders who love the style that has always distinguished the tradition of craftsmanship Ciociara.

The land consists of a large green area of about one hectare bordering to the east with a grove on the banks of the river Liri, whose name of the country, to the west with the SP169, 55, conveniently connected with the country and the highway, the three buildings are connected by a concrete clearing that isolates and binds the entire structure, ideal for use as outdoor space, with porch, dining area and parking.

A relevant option would be the possibility of purchasing the single house or the buildings with their respective portion of land at prices and procedures to be defined in the event of a possible choice.


The territory of Castelliri, washed by the river Liri, extends at the foot of the Ernici mountains. For the amenity of the places, we find the presence of man since the dawn of civilization. Nicolucci has found objects dating back to the Stone Age and a necropolis from the Iron Age. Destroyed during the barbarian invasions, it was rebuilt in the Middle Ages a modest castle, named Castelluccio. Included in the Duchy of Sora, it belonged to the lords linked to the D’Anjou and others to the Aragonese. In 1580 it passed to the Boncompagni and then to the Kingdom of Naples.

The Ciociaria region is within easy reach of both Rome and Naples and their respective airports. A day’s shopping in Rome is a common pastime, while an even shorter drive brings you to the charming beaches south of Rome. Alternatively, drive east, and the mountains of the Abruzzo National Park await with horse trekking in the magnificent beech forests, and sparkling mountain lakes and rivers where you can swim in the heat of the summer. And at the other extreme of temperature, although Alvito itself is temperate, less than an hour’s drive brings you to the winter ski slopes.

Often overlooked, both by tourists and by those foreigners in search of an Italian home, in favour of the more publicized regions of Tuscany and Umbria, the Ciociaria remains largely an unspoilt gem with beautiful scenery and medieval hilltop towns. A home or second home in the Ciociaria, in the hilltop towns of Alvito, Arpino, Veroli, Alatri or in the rolling countryside that surrounds them, will afford you a setting where over two thousand years of history combine with an idyllic rural Italian lifestyle, where you can still discover the ‘real’ Italy and take time out from the busy crowds of the larger tourist cities, while being less than ninety minutes journey from central Rome or either of Rome’s two airports.

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